Kayak Trips


The Eastern Shore is a naturalist’s dream!  Paddle through salt marshes and land on a sandy beach for picnic, birding or shelling activities.  We offer basic and advanced trips. Basic trips take two hours, all ages and skill levels are welcome. Advanced trips last at least four hours.  The Introduction to Sea Kayaking is an all day class.  

Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge

$50 per adult, $25 per child

A great way to have a unique experience on the Eastern Shore is to paddle through the salt marshes of the National Wildlife Refuge near Fisherman Island.  Our trips take about two hours, all ages and skill levels are welcome.  The protected creek channels are an ideal place to learn and practice paddling strokes and to enjoy the salt marshes, wading birds, and peace and quiet.

We can plan more advanced paddles to nearby creeks and islands. Bring a snack and relax on a sandy shore and paddle salt marshes surrounded by wading birds and fiddler crabs within sight of the high rise of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  We will visit three distinct habitats:  tidal salt marsh, maritime forest, and sandy beach.

This is a perfect way to create a day to remember during your family visit, holiday, or summer vacation. Combine the tour with a visit to the nearby Refuge Visitor’s Center and end the day with some lunch, dinner, or local entertainment!
Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge
Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge

Kings Creek and Cherrystone Creek

$50 per adult and $30 for children,

This is an economical 2.5 to 3 hour adventure. Paddle on the Chesapeake Bay past the historic town and new coastal homes and experience the sandy beaches and tidal marshlands that make the Bay so unique and scenic. Plan an evening trip and catch the sunsets while you paddle!
Kings Creek and Cherrystone Creek

Plantation Creek or Savage Neck Dunes Adventure

$60 per adult

This is a more advanced paddle launching from Cape Charles and heading north to Savage Neck Dunes or south to Plantation Creek.  This paddle is about 4 hours round trip including a break on a beach. This trip is designed for people who have kayaked before and want a more physically challenging trip.
Plantation Creek or Savage Neck Dunes Adventure

Introduction to Sea Kayaking

$120 per adult

During two three-hour sessions learn skills to safely enjoy paddling bays, lakes and marshes.  Morning sessions include discussions of safety and equipment and practice of strokes and techniques for  launching and landing.  Afternoon sessions include work on wet exits, assisted rescues and self-rescue skills.  The agenda for training can be adjusted to fit the interests of participants.  For example, after we cover the basics we can practice techniques for paddling in surf or rough water.   

Safety gear and kayaks are included.  If you are thinking of buying a kayak, this is your chance to try different options.  If you already own a kayak this course will prepare you to enjoy future challenges and adventures safely.  Our venue, Kiptopeke State Park, has a beautiful campground.  All class participants have the option of joining a wildlife tour to practice the strokes and skills we have learned at no extra charge.  This is a hand-on class, including swimming and climbing into half sunk kayaks.  
Intro to Sea Kayaking

Roanoke River 1 March 14More Advanced Paddles

The Virginia Coast Water Trail is a naturalists dream! Plan your own unique tour experience.  The best way to start exploring the 37 routes on the trail is with a knowledgeable local guide. We are able to accommodate full day or multi-day adventures.  Here is a sample of what is available from Virginia’s Water Trail Map.