Kayak Sailing

Ocean kayak with a Falcon Kayak Sail.

Ocean kayak with a Falcon Kayak Sail.

Ready for a new adventure?  We have rigged our Ocean Kayaks with state-of-the-art Falcon Sails for guided tours.

Join us for an eight mile paddle-sail along the coastline of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  Before we launch, we will on land discuss safety, sailing theory and rigging and practice raising and lowering sails.  In calm water we will practice wet exits and recoveries.  Then we will harness the power of the winds and tides to paddle and sail from Kiptopeke State Park to Cape Charles Harbor (or from Cape Charles to Kiptopeke if the tide is ebbing).

Note:  This tour is for experienced paddlers who are comfortable bracing, edging and making sweep turns.  If you are not sure you are ready, think about taking our Introduction to Sea Kayaking course first.  

Class for One: $150
Class for Two: $200